Pregnancy & Birth


In these portraits, I celebrate the beauty of pregnancy and all the hope, power, and possibility invoked by the parent-to-be. I never cease to be fascinated by the visual language of the pregnant body as it communicates the fullness of this moment in life. The parent of three children and a trained birth doula, I remember the excitement of pregnancy, and I appreciate the feelings of vulnerability and privacy experienced by many parents-to-be. Whether one-on-one or with a partner and other children, pregnancy sessions are intimate dialogues between subject and camera. If you desire an indoor setting, I will work with you to find or create a space that cultivates the perfect mood. I am sensitive to poses and situations that feel natural and communicate your confidence and strength.


A trained doula, I bring a passion for birth and confidence in the birth setting to every session. Birth is an intimate experience, and I work with mothers and partners to ensure that my presence meets your comfort level. Some clients prefer my role to be invisible and unintrusive, while others enlist me as a doula and seek active collaboration in the process. Whatever your birth plan, I am sensitive to your expectations and flexible in matching the mood. My vision in these sessions is to reveal the strength of birthing parents and the tender dedication of the birthing team. Your birth gallery will highlight profound moments of connection between you and your partner, detail shots that capture the atmosphere and setting, and portrait-shots that document the drama of your labor and the miracle of birth.